DESCRIPTION OF ELIXIR 9 - "Tonic for Full Lips" 

ready-made herbal decoction - natural mixture of herbs - tablets 


Radix Rehmanniae viridis, Radix Ophiopogonis, Herba Asari,Radix Glycyrrhizae praeparatae, Rhizoma Ligustici wallichii,Radix Atractylodis macrocephalae, Radix Astragali,Rhizoma Cimicifugae,Rhizoma Polygoni odorati

"Tonic for Full Lips" improves overall blood circulation of the face. After use, a tingling sensation, especially around the lips, spreads over the face - as if each cell is recharging with fresh energy.

Dosage: twice a day a cup of decoction after meal 

Instructions for preparing and recommendations for use - HERE

For more detailed and more profound descriptions of the recipes, see the book The Path of the Empress: How to Free Your Feminine Power published by Rockpool Publishing

Effects of individual herbs according to Traditional Chinese Medicine: 

Radix Rehmanniae viridis - cleanses heat, cools blood, nourishes "yin", generates fluid

Radix Ophiopogonis - cleanses and nourishes "yin" of lungs and stomach, generates fluids, moisturizes dryness, cleanses the heart, removes irritation

Herba Asari - expels wind, disperses cold, stops pain, heats the lungs, dissolves the mucus

Radix Glycyrrhizae praeparatae - replenishes "Qi", scatters fire, moistens the lungs, eliminates toxicity, modulates the harsh properties of other herbs

Rhizoma Ligustici wallichii - invigorates blood, puts "Qi" in motion, removes wind, relieves pain

Radix Atractylodis macrocephalae - replenishes "Qi", strengthens spleen, dries moisture, stops sweating

Radix Astragali - enlarges "Qi", generates blood, raises "yang", strengthens protective "Qi", strengthens the surface, stops sweating, removes toxicity, generates muscles, drains water, reduces swellings

Rhizoma Cimicifugae - releases exterior, clears heat, raises "yang", relieves toxicity, helps to ascend "Qi"

Rhizoma Polygoni odorati - nourishes "yin" of the lungs and stomach