- against loss of essence - 

 Ready-made cooked herbal decoction - natural mixture of herbs - tablets 


Radix Ginseng, Radix Rehmaniae praeparatae,

Radix Aucklandiae

Elixir "White Lotus" helps against aging problems. It reduces the loss of essence and strengthens yin and yang. It is dark black like a murky mysterious swamp from which a snow-white, immaculate lotus grows. The effect of the tea should be supplemented by accurate fresh first-class diet. 

Dosage: twice a day a cup of decoction after meal. 

Recommendation: ideally drink for 30 days 

Instructions for preparing and recommendations for use - HERE

Effects of individual herbs according to Traditional Chinese Medicine: 

Radix Ginseng - replenishes the spleen, supports the lungs, generates fluid, stops thirst, calms the spirit, strengthens the mind

Radix Rehmanniae preparata - nourishes blood, replenishes "yin" and essence, supports the marrow

Radix Aucklandiae - put "Qi" in motion, recovers interior, stops pain, scatters stagnation

For more detailed and more profound descriptions of the recipes, see the book The Path of the Empress: How to Free Your Feminine Power published by Rockpool Publishing