DESCRIPTION OF ELIXIR 7 - "Elixir that returns youthfulness"

- energizing magic recipe - 

ready-made herbal decoction - natural mixture of herbs for making decoction - tablets 


Rhizoma Batatis, Radix Achyranthidis, Fructus Corni,Poria Cocos, Fructus Schisandrae, Rhizoma Cistanche,Rhizoma Acori graminei,Radix Morindae,Radix Polygalae,Cortex Eucommiae,Fructus Lycii, Radix Rehmanniae viridis,Radix Rehmanniae praeparatae

"Elixir that returns youthfulness" is one of the magical and energizing recipes from one of the greatest masters of Taoism Ge Hong. 

Dosage: twice a day a cup of decoction after meal. 

Recommendation: to use it for 14 days  

Instructions for preparing and recommendations for use - HERE

For more detailed and more profound descriptions of the recipes, see the book The Path of the Empress: How to Free Your Feminine Power published by Rockpool Publishing

Effects of individual herbs according to Traditional Chinese Medicine:  

Rhizoma Batatis - benefits "Qi", nourishes "yin", complements the spleen, lungs, kidneys

Radix Achyranthidis - breaks down blood stasis, helps to pass channels, leads blood down, supports and invigorates blood circulation, reduces fire, strengthens the liver and kidneys, stiffens the tendons and bones

Fructus Corni - replenishes and supports the liver, kidneys; clutches, withholds and strengthens lower orifices

Poria Cocos - drains water out, filters moisture out, strengthens the spleen, soothes the spirit

Fructus Schisandrae - contracts the lungs, nourishes the kidneys, generates fluid, arrests sweating, consolidates essence, relieve diarrhea, calms the heart, soothes the mind

Rhizoma Cistanche - replenishes the kidneys, assists the yang, moistens the intestines, helps to pass the stool

Rhizoma Acori graminei - opens orifices, transfers murky moisture, removes mucus, expels cold and moisture

Radix Morindae - heats up, replenishes "yang" of kidneys, removes wind out, dries moisture up

Radix Polygalae - calms the heart, soothes the spirit, transforms the mucus, opens the orifices

Cortex Eucommiae - replenishes the liver and kidneys, strengthens the tendons and bones

Fructus Lycii - enlarges and replenishes the liver and kidneys, brightens eyesight, moisturizes lungs, produces essence

Radix Rehmanniae praeparatae - replenishes "Qi", scatters fire, moisturizes lungs, eliminates toxicity, modulates the harsh properties of other herbs

Radix Rehmanniae viridis - cleanses heat, cools blood, nourishes yin, generates fluid